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Dear Sir Ken Robinson,

Over 4% of adults are gifted in Romania. As children, the percentages are way higher. We have discovered in 2010 that in a total population of 835 kids tested at an international level, more than 60% were intelectually superior, at least, according to Raven Progressive Matrices Standard Plus. And they need help to grow. Only a person like you could see the real issue of underachievement for a gifted child.

We are addressing you in the hope to get your international voice speak for the cause of gifted children in Romania in front of your large upper educated audience.

Who are we? We represent IRSCA Gifted Education, a non-profit UNESCO partner, member to World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

We have succeeded to discover, and support more than a hundred of gifted children to develop their skills, become emotionally more able, develop their confidence, and encourage their sense of discovery and avidity to learn. Our greatest success is the largest project of selecting gifted kids and offering them a differentiated education, for free: last year we have internationally tested more than 800 children and after several stages of tests (incl. WISC IV, the most reputed international test for cognitive endowment) and interviews, we selected 45 gifted kids for a School of Excellence, a school for personal development.

We need your voice.


In Romania Gifted kids lack a future, because they lack the education that could support their abilities (and a human resources model that could include them socially). They are generally underachieving, with no prospects of changes in the future, unless we do something about it. We want this to change, but we need your help. You could address this issue to a larger audience and the people would listen to you.

We have tried to raise awareness on developing a dedicated center for them, we audited the project, and so on. But nothing changed. We need things to change!!

If you want to know more, here is our brochure in English:

and a power point:

Please see what we achieved through our personal efforts in 2010 – 2011, see here the photos of gifted kids involved in activities:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Monica Gheorghiu, MBA
Project Manager
IRSCA Gifted Education
pr {at}

Sal Sol