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Do you have something you simply don’t need anymore?

  • A bookcase?
  • A sofa?
  • A chair?
  • A book?
  • A video camera?
  • A used car?
  • A USB stick?
  • A high capacity printer?
  • A copier?
  • A flip chart?
  • A headset microphone?
  • An easel and painting materials?
  • and nevertheless, money- we need 3000 EUR to refurbish 3 class-rooms which are now just simple rooms, designless
  • Etc …. and other things are needed for children with high abilities, to get ready for the first Multimedia Teaching Innovation Centre established for them in Bucharest. This is a tremendous Opportunity for us to develop our skills and gifts.

If you want to donate, there’s a list of things needed below (and do not think that we don’t need something. First ask, we might need something that you no longer use in your home or business anymore!!)

Furnishings for the Permanent Testing Center for skills Discovery and children’s multiple intelligences – View picture location

Furniture, fittings and equipment

  • 30 chair
  • 6 Desks
  • 2 Cabinets
  • 1 Bookcase
  • 60 sq m carpet
  • 2 Laptops
  • 2 Printers
  • 1 Multifunction printer
  • 1 copier
  • 1 Microphone Earphones + a tripod
  • 1 Voice recorder

Furnishings needed for the Multimedia Teaching Innovation Centre – View picture location

Furniture, fittings, equipment, materials

  • 80 chairs
  • 2 Cabinets
  • 10 Desks
  • 1 Video Camera
  • One FireWire cable
  • 9 Notebooks / Computers for Children
  • 2 flip charts
  • 1 Bulletin Board
  • Decorative Plants
  • 1 Mailbox
  • 50 sq m carpet
  • 2 round rugs minimum diameter 2 m
  • 16 cushions
  • Any racks and shelves
  • Hall rack
  • Interactive Board
  • Sound Equipment
  • Printer of large capacity
  • Books, CDs, encyclopedias, brushes, easels, paints like watercolors, gouache and acrylic, drawing sheets, colors, books, pencils, clay, etc, any teaching materials
  • 1 Voice Recorder

Materials for administrative use

  • Consumables for office use
  • Maintenance materials and cleaning stuff for bathrooms (something you use at home)

Other necessary equipment

  • Trees and plants to be planted (we want to develop a garden – see pictures) + working materials to the garden (like dig, rake, etc.)
  • A bus at least 16 seats, we want to make trips to farms, museums, to the mountains!
  • A vacuum cleaner

How is the donation being made?

The donation agreement between IRSCA Gifted Education, non-profit organization and your organization, company or simply, yourself.

What if you want to donate some thing which does not fall under the list?

If you have something to donate and does not fall under the list, call us at 0729-029484, we might want to have it!

Ps. Needless to mention that we need funds. Anytime! Here is the Account: (EUR) la Raiffeisen Bank, Sucursala Victoria (Smardan): RO 47 RZBR 0000 6000 6623 5800 on belhalf of IRSCA Gifted Education with the title of donation. Our financial identity numner: CIF: 17 26 23 16 (

Thank you and we sincerely invite you to come and visit us with your children to discover their skills and multiple intelligences!

The Teaching Innovation Program is a unique program in Romania, organized by IRSCA Gifted Education in partnership with District 6 Bucharest School Inspectorate:

The Permanent Testing Center for the Discovery of skills and multiple intelligences of children needs to begin activity ASAP. Location: No.6 Pascani Street, Bucharest, Sector 6, at the School No. 155.

Click for map.

Contact: Pr (at); 0729-029484

It is the first Teaching Innovation Program in Bucharest, you could get involved, too!

Sal Sol