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Romania has more than 4% of gifted children, that means much more in comparing with other countries in Europe.  Association IRSCA Gifted Education, UNESCO partner and member of ECHA- European Council for High Ability, has opened a huge project to support 60 children in reaching their highest potential, and in the best conditions possible.

We need experienced trainers to be next to us in this process.

2011 IS the European Year of Volunteering. 2011 is the year of sharing and developing, BE the One that creates new opportunities! Come to Romania in a volunteering process.

What you will gain:

  • 1/2 month of exchange with the best trainers in that domain that we have
  • Working directly with children 9 – 13 years old
  • A certificate of special volunteer in Gifted Education in Romania
  • Free Participation to the event: a thumb up for the volunteers in an event held in December 2011 for all those that got involved in developing the most valuable resources of our country, the children!
  • Direct contact with Romanian culture, traditions and values
  • + Free accommodation and free food during your stay


Here you can see pictures of our kids in the process of learning:

Here you can read about us, as an organization:

Help us to achieve our dream: educate gifted kids to reach their potential.

Please write us at pr {at} to organize the best way you can get involved.

Or call us on Skype: MissEmeralds (Monica Gheorghiu, Project Manager). Thanks and see you in Romania!

Sal Sol