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To All Fine Artists of the World:


« Pay it Forward » to the generations to come, by DONATING AN ARTWORK for gifted and talented children!

Gifted Children of Romania need Leonardo Gifted School, an alternative, international school, for gifted children in their country. A school where they can learn, where their TALENTS, DREAMS and ABILITIES can be supported to reach their maximum potential.

This school needs to fundraise anually 315.000 EUR to cover the costs of the education of 30 gifted children.

Any one of us can contribute to this wonderful work.

Gifted children need hope. That they shall be offered the support from people with great souls, who understand how much they need support NOW.

BE AN AMBASSADOR OF GIFTED CHILDREN IN YOUR COUNTRY AND BE PART OF THE GENERATION PAY IT FORWARD. All artworks will be published online and artists shall be acknowledged for their work. Regularly, with the help of specialized art auctions and auction houses we are developing an action based effort where the art is sold in the favor of gifted.

Donors, at their express wish, will receive an official Certificate of Ambassador of the generation of gifted children.


  • On October 2016, with the support of Lavacow, the auction of the art donated takes place by silent bidding online, click here
  • On May, 26, 2011 – Centrul Gifted Education also organized at Casa Vernescu an international auction with the artworks received, to create a powerful awareness on the issue. All artworks purchased, in the auctions we organized, in value of 800 EUR, helped us realize the funds needed for the annual functining of the center.

The Gifted Education Center online:


1. All artworks donated must be accompanied by a CERTIFICATE OF DONATION from the artist in favor of non-profit Association, Centrul Gifted Education, registered in the Romanian Associations and Foundations Registry with #59/24.04.2012

Details here: download 1-page-CERTIFICATE


All artworks donated should be sent to the address mentioned in the 1-page-CERTIFICATE.

  • Artworks can be donated year round.
  • The artist must take care of the shipping costs and the packing of the artwork.
    The artworks donated will not be sent back to the artist.





  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Miscellaneous


  • SIZE ? – any size as long as it is easy to transport
  • WEIGHT ? – any weight as long as it is easy to transport
  • FRAME ? – we recommend framed artworks (other options: w/t a frame; just a Passpartout) , paintings on stretched canvas, or any artworks that can be easily exhibited

No matter what you send, it will be part of the Centrul GIFTED EDUCATION PAY IT FORWARD International Exhibition ONLINE and online shop. Right now, the ArtsWorks donated are exhibited on the Official Page of the Center on Facebook, and online, on our website:

Recommended: We recommend that you send along with your artwork your
– artistic statement
– a description of the artwork
– what made you support us? THANK YOU

WHAT ABOUT MY ARTWORK?You will be announced if your artwork has been sold, and also the name/company of the buyer.
If your artwork has not been sold in this first edition of the Pay It Forward International Exhibition, it will be included in the next one.

For any QUESTIONS please email me at pr  @

I have already donated!


dfleissDorothea Fleiss
Director Association DF&EWA Stuttgart Ambassador of the Centrul Education Center for gifted & talented children in Romania

We thank you.Monica Gheorghiu
Leonardo Gifted School 

First Nonprofit School for Gifted Children developed by Centrul Gifted Education;
Str Berzei 22, sector 1, Bucuresti

Sal Sol