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IRSCA Gifted Education gladly announces an Opening Event on Wednesday, 21.09, between 19-20.30 at the Center for Teaching Innovation dedicated to children with high ability in Bucharest in the sector 6, for a superb digital piano YAMAHA, donation from Kiwanis Luxembourg, courtesy of Jos Scholtès , who fought for gifted children, for their chance to develop high skills by playing an instrument, “the king of all instruments”, the piano. This donation is dedicated to supporting the achievement in the best conditions of an innovative course for the Development of the Musical Brain supported by Professor Adrian Naidin, violocelist, musician and composer. Under his leadership, children with high skills will make a microrecital.

The event will be attended by Kiwanis Romania representatives.

Cultural representatives, as well as artists and composers eager to help support the plans for development of gifted children in music are most welcome. The wish of the association is to draw attention to this event, in order to receive donations of instruments for the future School of Music led by musician Adrian Naidin and his wife, in collaboration with IRSCA Gifted Education, a school of modern music, dedicated exclusively to children with high ability discovered by association.

List of musical instruments needed for donation is available now here:

All artists are invited to contribute to the project, all artists who are attracted to the idea  and believe they can fulfill their childhood dream for development at an excellency level the musical intelligence in children.

Media representatives are expected at the event.

Preparations are made ​​for a wonderful fly-buffet by Danyelle international cuisine.

RSVP: pr [at] or phone +40735-759539, Monica Gheorghiu, Project Manager.

Location: Teaching Innovation Center:  Bucharest, Pascani st. No. 6, District 6. For a map, visit / calendar

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