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Pentru toti cei care doresc sa se inscrie in clubul Mensa in urma testarii internationale WISC IV la Centrul Gifted Education, o pot face adresandu-se catre Mensa UK sau Mensa SUA si trimitand o copie scanata a testului WISC IV + formular completat – vezi emailul de mai jos si click pentru fisier atasat. Cei care doresc un raport (1 pg) a testului WISC IV cu parafa, in limba engleza, ni se pot adresa la adresa de email oficiala selectie [a rond ]

Nota: Mensa Romania accepta memberi doar daca sunt peste 16 ani. Mensa UK si Mensa Canada nu au cerinta o varsta minima (si copii de 3-4 ani pot fi inrolati in aceste organizatii). Prin Centrul Gifted Education, in urma testarilor internationala inca de la 2,5 ani (prin SON-R, vezi sau sau de la 6 ani – 16 ani si 11 luni (prin WISC IV) sau de la 6 ani – 80 ani (prin Matrici Progresive Raven Standard Plus) puteti sa fiti eligibili in astfel de organizatii, daca rezultatele testelor confirma top 2% IQ. Exista organizatii internationale care se adreseaza unor membri cu IQ superior – vezi mai jos-  catre care va puteti adresa, daca rezultatul apartine percentilei respective.

Detalii: WISC IV:

Testele de inteligenta standard utilizate pe plan mondial sunt: Stanford-Binet test, WAIS-III (pentru  adulti) ,  WISC-IV (pentru  copii)  si Cattell Culture Fair III  acceptate  de  societatile  elevate de  IQ.  (Preluare  din  Wikipedia)

  • Maxim 5% (IQ 125 sd15, IQ 126 sd16): International High IQ Society
  • Maxim 2% (IQ 130 sd15, IQ 132 sd16): Mensa International, High Potentials Society, Mysterium Society, Altacapacidadhispana, SocratIQ Society, Encefálica
  • Maxim 1% (IQ 135 sd15, IQ 137 sd16): Intertel, Top One Percent Society, Elateneo/s Society, Superdotados-Intelectuales, The Mind Society, Sinapsa Society
  • Maxim 0,5% (IQ 139 sd15, IQ 141 sd16): Colloquy, Poetic Genius Society
  • Maxim 0,37% (IQ 140 sd15, IQ 143  sd16): Infinity International Society
  • Maxim 0,3% (IQ 141 sd15, IQ 144 sd16): Cerebrals Society
  • Maxim 0,2% (IQ 143 sd15, IQ 146 sd16): ePiq Society, Neurocubo
  • Maxim 0,13% (IQ 145 sd15, IQ 148 sd16): CIVIQ Society, Artifex Mens Congregatio (Artistic Minds Society)
  • Maxim 0,1% (IQ 146  sd15, IQ 149 sd16): International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, Triple Nine Society, IQuadrivium Society
  • Maxim 0,09% (IQ 147 sd15, IQ 150 sd16): Glia Society, One-in-a-Thousand Society, Milenija
  • Maxim 0,07% (IQ 148 sd15, IQ 151 sd16): ISI-Society
  • Maxim 0,009% (IQ 156 sd15, IQ 160 sd16): Vertex
  • Maxim 0,003% (IQ 160 sd15, IQ 164 sd16): Prometheus Society, Camp Archimedes, HELLIQ Society, Epimetheus Society, Tetra Society
  • Maxim 0,001% (IQ 164 sd15, IQ 168 sd16): The Ultranet
  • Maxim 0,0001% (IQ 172 sd15, IQ 176 sd16): Mega Society, Mega International, Pi Society, Omega Society, StrictIQ Society
  • Maxim 0,00003% (IQ 175 sd15, IQ 180 sd16): OLYMPIQ Society, PARS Society
  • Maxim 0,0000001% (IQ 190 sd15, IQ 196 sd16): Giga Society

Mult succes!

@Centrul Gifted Education

From: Helen Oliver [mailto: Helen [arond ]]
Subject: RE: 9 year old child – Mensa


Thank you for your e-mail.

We can accept the Wechsler test for membership. To join British Mensa you need to have an IQ within the top two per cent of the population on a recognised supervised IQ test.

If you have a copy of your sons test results or report, please complete the attached application form for prior evidence and we will be able to check if he is eligible to be offered membership.

It may be more suitable for you to contact Mensa International as they deal with candidates who live in countries outside the UK. Their contact details are mensainternational [arond]

Or: enquiries {arond} (for membership/administrative issues)

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1400 272 675

Many thanks

H Oliver

Testing & Admissions Co Ordinator

Sal Sol